Thursday, 23 December 2010

Well Folks 2010 is coming to a close

2011 should be a better year than this. Healthwise not so great! The Fibromyalgia is the bane of my life what can I say? Start back at the magazine January from a three month holiday and break to consider other plans. The beginning of the purpose built studio is firmly on the to do list. I'm looking at property for a store in Cambridge but as prices soar it may be on the back burner.

It's been an interesting year. I reached my 40th with ease. Family, well lets just say I'm happy with my lot. My parents have been a fantastic support as my in laws love them all dearly. They have gone that extra mile to make this year very special. I'd never had thought I'd have my own business, be a writer for a magazine in a million years. Just shows with a little inspiration, determination and a dream you can do and become anything you wish.

My apprentice will be starting soon and I'm re-opening my diary for teaching again.

I want to thank every single one of you who have helped and supported me thoughtout this year. You have all been truly amazing. Customers who have become friends. Most of all my husband, my children and my parents. Without you I would not be where I am today.



Sunday, 5 December 2010

Handpaint fairy silk Necklaces..

Snowed under with work, battling with Fibro too. Today catching up with glass commissions. One consolation is the Xmas shopping done.

Some of my latest work
Topaz Treasures Necklace Available on my Folksy Store
Amethysta Necklace available on my Folksy Store
Ceylon Orb Necklace available on my Folksy Store
Fairy Toadstool House Beads - All Sold
Peridot Pear Necklace - Sold

Monday, 25 October 2010


The dreaded F is back :(

Thankfully my medication has been changed but hell it's going to be hard transition.

More tests at the Doctors and referals back to Rheummy. Hydrotherapy to look forward too. Crutches will be here soon thankfully. On a lighter note here are some pictures of my latest beads. I got 10 sets made for Spoilt Rotten. My lastest commission for Lesley.

Lesley's Flush Gem Set Ring

J'taime Bead Set

Ocean Gems Bead Set with 99.9 fine silver

Monday, 18 October 2010

freaking out!

my vision has been blurred for sometime, mainly on a morning. Didn't think anything of it. On waking this morning I noticed this massive lump on my stomach as I looked at it, it burst it's a boil nice..yak! I have an unquenchable thirst these days..after talking to hubby he sugested I tested my blood sugars. I still have my blood sugar testing kits from when I was pregnant with my last child. I've had Gestational Diabetes with all my pregnancies the last one pregnancy I needed insulin.

first reading 6.7mmol/L Great! on fasting. I've done the google thing..yeah yeah bad idea but it appears I may have the start of what could be pre-diabetes. Thing is, with the Fibromyalgia it's not a good combination.

Seeing the Dr at 12.20pm today :(

Saturday, 16 October 2010

I'm flaring..

Day 8 of my lastest Fibro Flare up. Deep joy no wait that is Deep pain. I've trapped a nerve in my back by just sitting. The nerve pain shoots down my back into my backside and down my legs. I have a trapped nerve in my neck and that is radiating across my shoulders, down into my arms and hands and fingers. Movement is pretty much nigh on impossible. On top of that I'm day 5 into an IBS attack. Struggling to eat anything without suffering horrible pain cramps and nausea

I have flare ups roughly every 10 days. These flare ups can last from anything to 10 days up to 8weeks.

Fibromyalgia is very real even though we may look ok on the outside no one truly knows how it feels to endure this horrible syndrome unless you're a fellow sufferer.

Symptoms of Fibromyalgia:
Anxiety - stress and worry
Concentration and memory problems - known as fibro fog
Digestive disorders
Discoloration of hands and feet (Raynaud's phenomenon)
Dryness in mouth, nose, and eyes
Chronic Fatigue
Headaches - Migraines
Irritable bowel syndrome
Stiffness - not just in the mornings
Pain - Nerve Pain, Muscle Pain, Cramps, Muscle Spasms
Painful menstrual cramps
Restless legs syndrome
Muscle Twitches
Sleep problems
Swelling, numbness, burning, and tingling in hands, arms, feet, and legs
Trigger points
Urinary symptoms
TMJD Temporomandibular Joint Disorder
TN Trigeminal Neuralgia
Chemical, Food, Smells, Noise - Sensitivities
Skin Disorders

Just to mention a few, some of us have other ailments but these are the general symptoms. If you know someone who suffers with this please help raise awareness. If you don't know anyone with this condition and you meet someone with it please be gentle with us. We may look ok on the outside, there is never anything OK about Fibromyalgia it is an invisible illness. It takes over your life and you are at the mercy of your own body trapped inside a broken body.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Handmade Sterling Silver Lampwork Charms

Teeny tiny little Glass Apple charm, created for all you Twilighters out there. These will be available in my store I will be listing them today.

The fangs are for the more die hard Vamp fans these will also be availble in my store. I can do these as pendants if you wish. These are made to order so please allow up to 7 days.

Also introducing Jack from Nightmare before Xmas he is now sold I will at some point do some more.

Friday, 3 September 2010

More Beadiezz

I went a little mad at the torch recently and I was inspired by the bedsit wallpaper in Ultimate Big Brother. So here are my beads

I've been playing with these patterns using Browns, Turquoises and this lush creamy coffee colour.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

High Functioning Bipolar Disorder.

A little brief history. I've always been a bit of loner I enjoy my time alone and also enjoy time with my loved one. I was taken to see a child psych at a young age ha! Guess what? Normal? IQ normal. yeah yeah..skip to a few years later, my home life was erm lets just say, like being on a rollercoaster. Teenage years came and off I went, into the realm of chaos, drinking, smoking, taking drugs etc. Occasionally popping back and forth between my parents. Then I had my own children and found it really difficult coming to terms the worries and dire thoughts that I had as a parent the sheer worries of my babies being hurt was often overwhelming apparently that's normal! Lets go back to my teenage years, I've been through some pretty horrendous situations which I guess lead me down the path of drug addiction? Self medicating? Several admissions to the psych wards and rehab Got married, got divorced, had a breakdown...what?! yes I had a breakdown. It was in 2003 I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia *rolls eyes* I thought everyone had voices apparently not!

I've been living with Bipolar Disorder now 'officially' for seven years. When in fact I've lived with it much much longer. It's part of my make up it's who I am it's not excuse. I get really upset at people in the public eye who claim bipolar and claim they are having a bipolar day lolol! yeah yeah as if!

Anyway, it's been four years since I was on all those lovely meds. Mood Stabilisers, Anti-Psychotic Medication. Nice stuff! During this time I've been trying to control my mood swings and mania by using my creative talents and outlets. When my mood is low I take myself off to the studio and my work brings me out of the low mood and back on a normal mood level. When I'm high (Bipolar High) I take myself off to create and this stabilisers me, not to mention that I create a massive amount of pretties. I have as much regular sleep as possible, like forcing myself to bed and taking my night meds (Amitriptyline 125mg) to make me sleep otherwise I wouldn't. When the voices are bad I listen to music LOUD or I watch my favourite movies to focus my mind, lots of these tricks I've picked up over these last few years.

My Psych team have finally relented and allowed me to be responsible for my own care. I refuse to take my 'meds' as this numbs who I am, this culls my personality and *I* disappear. After four years of proving to my Psych team they now agree that I am a high functioning Bipolar type person lol I had this discussion with my Doctor who claimed that I was a mystery and that I don't fit neatly into their tick boxes. Yes I fit the criteria of BD but I am able to cope with the mood swings and the voices on a daily basis. I just told them to put down that I am special :-)

After everything that life has thrown at me I wake up with a smile.

Monday, 30 August 2010

Full of Evil-ness


I've been creating Evil Toadstools, Piggies, Owls, Penguins etc..just thought I'd share

Friday, 27 August 2010

chugging along..

It appears I still have that spinney head thingie, deep joy..

Anyway, been busy working on new ideas and designs. I haven't spent much time at the torch but since Molten Glass and spinney head could result in an accident of major proportions then I think it was for the best..

Here are some of my new creations

A massive Turquoise Heart with Sterling Silver Hearts. This is available on my Folksy/Triplemoonstar shop

This is Queen Mauve Pendant. Jade, Amethyst, Rainbow Moonstone, Faceted Fluorite and Pearls. All hung on a 32inch chain this is available in my store.

These are my Faux Sea Glass Pebbles in Pinks.

More Faux Sea Glass Pebbles. These are all available in Kilo Lemur Lampwork shop of Folksy

My Skully Pendant in Sterling Silver. Check out my Kilo Lemur Lampwork store on folksy for handcrafted Jewellery using my own Lampwork Creations.

Twilight Apple Earrings
Vampire Fang with blood Earrings. Click on my Folksy Icon. There is another link on my profile to take you to Kilo Lemur Lampwork Shop.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Nothing is going to stop me

ok, Labyrinthitis did, only briefly. Still have it but not the whooshy head thankfully. Been a little busy making pretties are Lucie would say. Skulls, Kitties, Mushrooms, Hearts, Eyes, Fangs, Apples, Cupcakes...wanna see?

Cupcakes yum! Faux Sea glass Pebbles in Blue and Teal. Skullies with Roses and Hearts on. Fangs with blood dripping off them. Apples, forbidden fruits? Peridot Pandora Style Bead with Sterling silver core. Ribbon Heart with matching Pandora Style Heart. Laters x

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Work has ground to a halt!

Yes, I have Labyrinthitis and I sort of feel I'm walking about on the North Sea Ferry. I keep losing my balance so I'm not fit to do any work in the studio! Apparently some have this up to 8weeks and some never get rid of it! I bloody well hope not. I have work mounting up and teaching committments what shall I do? Bit fed up all round. I positively hate not being able to create something. Even typing this is making me swooshy and the words are moving about. Yours vertically challenged of Cambridge signing off x

Saturday, 31 July 2010