Saturday, 19 February 2011

Slowly easing back into work..

Those that know me may laugh at that. Nothing slow about me I have two speeds fast and stop. I've been recouperating after suffering a prolapsed  disc in my back. Trying to catch up with work and commissions.
I'm bringing out a new range of Jewellery. Antiqued Brass Jewellery. I've been asked so many times to do antique style. Price of the chain is on par with Sterling Silver but at least I know it's not plated it's solid brass.

These are my Olivia Earrings. You may see a blue-green shimmer on the glass. That is because I've used Silvered Glass on the bead and then reduced it in a propane rich flame which gives that metalised look and in this case it leaves a look that would you see on oil and water mixed together.

This is the matching necklace to the earrings. I've also made a feature of the pretty clasp in this piece.

Unique Sepia Focal Bead wrapped in silver and double helix Triton, available in my folksy store. More of these will be listed soon.
Carousel lampwork bead set, available on my folksy store. Keep a look out for more bright colours coming in. Also the pastels :)

Organic Peacock Lampwork bead set, these are sold for a commission piece. Look out for more of my organice style beads.

Silvered Champagne Lampwork bead set, available on my folksy store. These stunning and very classy. It's really difficult to capture the beauty of the beads in a photograph. As one of my clients yesterday saw all my beads in the flesh and mentioned that. :)

Yesterday I bought a wine rack to house my huge collection of glass. Before I had all my glass stored in large glass vases and could never see my whole collection. I have discovered some yummy glass to try out. When I first started this Tuffnell Glass sent me a massive starter pack of glass and being a newbie to all this I didn't realise all the alchelmy within making beads. You can see the changes and effect before your eyes it's not only fun but fascinating too. 

You might want to take a look at this blog where N features my beads and is a exceptionally talented seed beader :)

Have a great weekend folks :)