Friday, 13 August 2010

Nothing is going to stop me

ok, Labyrinthitis did, only briefly. Still have it but not the whooshy head thankfully. Been a little busy making pretties are Lucie would say. Skulls, Kitties, Mushrooms, Hearts, Eyes, Fangs, Apples, Cupcakes...wanna see?

Cupcakes yum! Faux Sea glass Pebbles in Blue and Teal. Skullies with Roses and Hearts on. Fangs with blood dripping off them. Apples, forbidden fruits? Peridot Pandora Style Bead with Sterling silver core. Ribbon Heart with matching Pandora Style Heart. Laters x

1 comment:

  1. Love the faux sea glass! Glad you are a bit better, is it wrong that when you say Labyrinthitis, in my head I hear 'dance magic dance'? Take care of yourself hon, can't wait to see more lampies! :) xx