Sunday, 22 May 2011

Rocky Horror Party

We only do this sort of thing on a weekend lol..only joking I wish! After receiving our invite to a Rocky Horror Show Party, great I thought then eek! What am I to wear? Doing a Kaye as per usual leaving things to the very last minute shopped in lots of Lingerie shops yesterday in the hope of finding a suitable outfit for the Party. Finally after two trips into town 'we' (husband and I) found our wears, wigs etc. While I adore the Rocky Horror Show, I'm self conscious of my voluptuous shape, so I found the whole shopping experience such a giggle.

Here is my husband and I, or should I say Magenta and Frank-n-Furter

We walked through the village, while drivers rubbernecked as they pasted haha! We made many folk smile on the way to the shindig! Thank you C & J for a fabulous evening. Perhaps next time it should be Super Hero's

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Copper Cored Pandora Beads.

Ahh it's that time again, lots of craft fairs and local sales coming up..I've worn myself again working like a machine. I've been coring Pandora or Big Hole Beads in Copper. I think they look fantastic. The copper doesn't touch the skin but will eventually oxidise into a warm coppery hue. I love the contrast against the Sterling silver.

Persian Jewels Pandora Beads - available in my Folksy Store from £6
I've been trying out fabulous new glass. Canyon De Chelly is difficult but once you get the hang of it and how to handle the glass it's super cool!

Canyon de chelly cored in Copper.

Pretty Copper Green Glass and Red Copper Green

Copper Green Glass, Moss Agate, Canyon De Chelly and Red Copper Green
I'm still learning with the double helix so here is some purples with some Psyche DH

I have hundreds more photos so if you'd like to see more join me at

Laters - Kaye

Friday, 6 May 2011

The Winner is?! ....

Winner is Janis Smith. Well done please let me know if you wish to recieve the earrings or the beads. x

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

***Free Prize Draw***

This is a blog post for a free prize draw.

Entry requirements:

You must be a liker of my fanpage on facebook here:

You must put your name in the comment box down below. If you cannot do this, contact me on and I will enter it for you.

All the entries listed below will be entered into the free prize draw and you will have a choice of prize. My fanpage is full of people who appreciate Jewellery, and Beads. So you will have the choice of a piece of Jewellery or a Bead set. Created by me.

I will draw out the winner on the 4th May 2011. So you have one week to invite your friends and family to my fanpage on facebook. The winner will be announced on this blog and on my fanpage Triplemoonstar Jewellery. Good Luck! Mwah! x

Here is the bead set available for the winner

Potty Pinks Lampwork Bead Set SRA L-96

Potty Pinks Lampwork Bead Set SRA L-96

Potty Pinks Lampwork Bead Set SRA L-96

Here is the Jewellery availble for the winner

Gemma Earrings on Solid Brass with Olive Green Swarovski Crystals and Gemma Lampwork Beads SRA L-96

Gemma Earrings on Solid Brass with Olive Green Swarovski Crystals and Gemma Lampwork Beads SRA L-96

Gemma Earrings on Solid Brass with Olive Green Swarovski Crystals and Gemma Lampwork Beads SRA L-96
Best of Luck people - Kaye x

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Beaded Jewellery

Recently I've been inspired to make some beaded jewellery. After our family trip to Centre Parcs and seeing the jewellery ranges they have there I came home wanting to start work. Unfortunately I've been struck down with a flu-like virus that put me in bed for six days. In that time I read five books by the author Gerry Barlett. Thank the gods for my Kindle!

So here are my lastest pieces. Using my own Lampwork Beads, AAA Grade Crystal and Swarovski. I've been asked by alot of people to do pieces in Copper and Brass so here it is.

Boadica Bracelet in Solid Copper and Kilo-Lemur Lampwork beads.
Boadica Bracelet in Solid Copper and Kilo-Lemur Lampwork Beads
I'm in the Zone now so here are some more of my work, another lampwork beaded charm bracelet Victoriana Rose. In solid Brass with my own lampwork beads and Swarovski Crystals and AAA grade Crystals.
Victoriana Rose Bracelet

Victoriana Rose Bracelet

Some more beaded work, Lariats and necklaces. Using my own lampwork beads.

Lillyella Lariat in Turquoise Leather and Solid Copper. With my own Lampwork Beads and handmade findings.
Lillyella Lariat Necklace
Here is another one, a necklace in Pink.

Gloriana Necklace, using my own lampwork beads and various other beads in Wood, Lucite and porcelain. Together with solid brass charms.
Gloriana necklace
I saw some fantastic pieces of work at Centre Parcs in wood so I though I'd use some wood in my beaded pieces of work. The next one is Briana, using wood, my own lampwork beads, AAA Grade Crystals in Topaz, Citrine with cute Brass charms.

Briana Necklace
Brianna Necklace
There will be much more coming. In Greens, Purples, Silver, Browns. Why don't you check out my Triplemoonstar page to see up to date pieces of work click on this link

Saturday, 5 March 2011

More from my new range

Celeste Collection. Handmade Lampwork Beads.

 I've just created the Celeste Collection, also a commission for one of my clients. In solid Antique Brass. Using muted colours inspired by todays fashions, muted colours and classic combinations.

Celeste Collection. Handmade Lampwork Beads.
It's been a busy week, trying to catch up with commissions. I'm done in. I'm working on some new ideas involving precious metals, heavily oxidised silver and diamonds with some found objects or keepsakes set in resin. So watch this space folks.

I'm really pleased things are starting to come together. I will start taking commissions again soon so if you'd like anything creating just drop me a line at 

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Slowly easing back into work..

Those that know me may laugh at that. Nothing slow about me I have two speeds fast and stop. I've been recouperating after suffering a prolapsed  disc in my back. Trying to catch up with work and commissions.
I'm bringing out a new range of Jewellery. Antiqued Brass Jewellery. I've been asked so many times to do antique style. Price of the chain is on par with Sterling Silver but at least I know it's not plated it's solid brass.

These are my Olivia Earrings. You may see a blue-green shimmer on the glass. That is because I've used Silvered Glass on the bead and then reduced it in a propane rich flame which gives that metalised look and in this case it leaves a look that would you see on oil and water mixed together.

This is the matching necklace to the earrings. I've also made a feature of the pretty clasp in this piece.

Unique Sepia Focal Bead wrapped in silver and double helix Triton, available in my folksy store. More of these will be listed soon.
Carousel lampwork bead set, available on my folksy store. Keep a look out for more bright colours coming in. Also the pastels :)

Organic Peacock Lampwork bead set, these are sold for a commission piece. Look out for more of my organice style beads.

Silvered Champagne Lampwork bead set, available on my folksy store. These stunning and very classy. It's really difficult to capture the beauty of the beads in a photograph. As one of my clients yesterday saw all my beads in the flesh and mentioned that. :)

Yesterday I bought a wine rack to house my huge collection of glass. Before I had all my glass stored in large glass vases and could never see my whole collection. I have discovered some yummy glass to try out. When I first started this Tuffnell Glass sent me a massive starter pack of glass and being a newbie to all this I didn't realise all the alchelmy within making beads. You can see the changes and effect before your eyes it's not only fun but fascinating too. 

You might want to take a look at this blog where N features my beads and is a exceptionally talented seed beader :)

Have a great weekend folks :)


Sunday, 16 January 2011

Happy New Year

Lets all hope 2011 is an excellent year.
We all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Although not a huge fan of Christmas being Pagan! *rolls eyes*
Christmas these days has lost its true meaning. I find that irrevocably sad. The kids had been spoilt all year with clothes, toys, trips and holidays, so we cut back on the presents for Christmas as they simply don't need anything.

Work was so busy up to Christmas, not just online but on the market stall too. This year is going to be even more hectic with more Jewellery Parties, regular stalls and I'm back work at the magazine again after a well earned break.

I've started my Hydrotherapy this month to strengthen my core muscles which are very weak. I'm pre-diabetic so I have no choice but to lose weight. I was told by my consultant that those who have gestational diabetes during pregnancy are at a higher risk of developing the disease later on. Damn straight I had it four times!!!

I haven't done any work in the Studio this year, no not because I'm lazy, I've a prolapsed disc and on crutches again. I tried to get in there and do some work today but hurt myself climbing up onto the work station so perhaps another day. I've got some murrini from the USA that I'm going to play with. I have to design some sort of device to keep the chips warm. Check out some murrini work on this page

I think it's time to put my feet up and read my kindle..ploughing my way through Anne Rice Literary Delights