Thursday, 10 May 2012

Triplemoonstar Studio

Hi Folks, we're having our new teaching studio built. I'm overjoyed so far with it. We're still having it decorated. It's been a long time coming. I will finally be able to teach more than one person.

Here it is, well the start of it. The walls going up. Our studio has been built by Berry Timber Buildings at Stretham near Ely, Cambridgeshire.

All the wall are up now. I'm so excited about this project.
The roof and room divide for our office.
The windows going in now and the glass for the windows. All the windows are double glazed units.
The boys working very hard.
Inside, all the walls are insulated. The electric wiring is in ready for the final part of the build.
Inside showing the door to our office.
Outside view. We're having a ramp built outside for disabled access. We have all the guttering and roofing finished.

We're having the interior finished by a professional Painter and Decorator who actually loves painting! We will have the carpenters in soon to build the benches and install the industrial extraction unit for over the Lampworking benches. Then the Electricians will put our lighting in and plug sockets. I can't wait to move in. So Tuition will begin shortly after. We're hoping to offer Tuition from July. We will be offering Basic Silversmithing courses, Basic Gem-setting courses. Lampworking courses. Beaded Jewellery courses. Make a Gift, one day courses etc. More details to follow when I'm not chasing my tail.