Saturday, 14 September 2013

Triplemoonstar Designs & Kilo Lemur Lampwork Charity Give-Away

Welcome to Triplemoonstar Designs & Kilo Lemur Lampwork Charity Give-away.

To enter, you must donate £1 using the donate button. The more times you donate the better your chances of winning.
You must add you name at the bottom of this post!!!
The prize draw will be on the 30th September 2013

The Winner will have a choice of a Bead set or a Sterling Silver Earrings, there will be 
three choices for the winner to choose from.

Please, please help our Children and free them from Abuse, Fear and Neglect. I contribute every month to the NSPCC and it is a charity very close to my heart. So please lets stop our children suffering by donating just £1 to this good cause. 

All money received (minus postal charges for the winner) will be donated to the NSPCC

Good Luck!! xxx


Bead Set 1

Bead Set 2

Laurel Blue Earrings in Sterling Silver with a Tiny Key

Turquoise Swirl Earrings with Apatite, Blue Topaz, Peridot, Aquamarine and Pink Tourmaline Gemstones in Sterling Silver

Turquoise Silver Dots with Apatite, Aquamarine Gemstones in Sterling Silver

Friday, 3 August 2012

Busy bee I be

I've been busy working in my new studio for a few months now. I love my space of creativity. Still it will be a while before I'm truly ready to teach, because I need to save up for two new torches and equipment for Silversmithing.

I work along side my husband and he's usually testing 'stuff' in the office as his work goes right over my head LOL! this is his website if you're interested.

The bane of my life Fibromyalgia has also been haunting me whilst I'm trying to work so I have taken time off to get better.

I have some nice new display cases for a few bits of my work, wanna see?

I have my eldest daughter who works along side me in the teaching area. She's doing Textiles and Home furnishing. The table to the right of the photo is her work space, it's currently a mess that's why I've kept it out of the picture hehe!

I will be working on my new designs in my Silver work in the next coming months. Lampworking however is so damn addictive. Who is willing to admit that they will almost lick glass rods because they are such delicious colours? Just me then? Yeah right.

I'm getting into Macramé I did lots of this at school when I was much younger. I love to combine lots of different media into Jewellery. I make my own Big Hole Beads (Pandora Style) and I cored them either by hand or I use my machine. I core them in Sterling Silver, Brass or Copper. I've never been asked to do Gold . Even when I was doing my Silversmithing courses I enjoyed using lots of colour in my work and I wanted to find out more about Lampworking. I have gone to the Flame Off at Towcester for the last three years. I thoroughly enjoy it. This year I was helping out Tuffnell Glass in the Play Tent where the inexperienced to advanced Lampies can learn and play with new tools or try out Glass.

Me! In the Play Tent.

My very good friend Kat at the Flame Off.

There is never enough hours in the day to allow me to play in the studio. Well that's it for now folks.



Thursday, 10 May 2012

Triplemoonstar Studio

Hi Folks, we're having our new teaching studio built. I'm overjoyed so far with it. We're still having it decorated. It's been a long time coming. I will finally be able to teach more than one person.

Here it is, well the start of it. The walls going up. Our studio has been built by Berry Timber Buildings at Stretham near Ely, Cambridgeshire.

All the wall are up now. I'm so excited about this project.
The roof and room divide for our office.
The windows going in now and the glass for the windows. All the windows are double glazed units.
The boys working very hard.
Inside, all the walls are insulated. The electric wiring is in ready for the final part of the build.
Inside showing the door to our office.
Outside view. We're having a ramp built outside for disabled access. We have all the guttering and roofing finished.

We're having the interior finished by a professional Painter and Decorator who actually loves painting! We will have the carpenters in soon to build the benches and install the industrial extraction unit for over the Lampworking benches. Then the Electricians will put our lighting in and plug sockets. I can't wait to move in. So Tuition will begin shortly after. We're hoping to offer Tuition from July. We will be offering Basic Silversmithing courses, Basic Gem-setting courses. Lampworking courses. Beaded Jewellery courses. Make a Gift, one day courses etc. More details to follow when I'm not chasing my tail.


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Latest Beads

It's been a long time since I've been at the torch. Here are a few of my latest beads sets.


Hollow Focal Beads

Mojo has returned to me

My mojo has been away for a very long time. My creative side has been void for about 8 months. Now, life is on the up. Finally the studio is going to be built in the next few weeks. Perfect!

I'm starting to see the beauty in the world again in my surroundings. I have some wonderful supportive friends who I adore. I'm inspired by the world around me and it's all coming back.

Thanks to an ex friend who by her actions and lies made me realise that I don't need that sort of friend in my life. A taker. Friendship is a two way thing, not one way. Still you live and learn.

Sometimes it feels like I'm dreaming, because a year ago I never thought I'd be this happy. I never thought it could be resolved. I never thought my life would become enriched with love.

Life is damn excellent

Sunday, 11 March 2012

New start

Well folks, it's been a bit of a roller coaster ride the last few months. I've been flaring for a few months now. Fibromyalgia has had me in it's grips for far too long.

Two weeks ago I went through detoxing from Dihydrocodeine which was not pleasant by any means. Withdrawal symptoms were dreadful. Ranging from Sweats, Palpitations, Severe Pain like I've never had before. But it was worth it all. I'm now taking 20mcg Butrans patch which works by slowly administering the drug through the skin roughly ever hour. You've no idea how much better I feel on a much more stronger painkiller that doesn't knock me out. I was completely painfree yesterday for two wonderful hours. Anyone who has fibro will know how that amazing that is. Those who live with this dreadful condition or disease, syndrome? You will understand how being almost pain free is a new lease of life.

2011 is a year I wouldn't like to live again. I've been betrayed, lied to, and deceived by one person. I cannot even discuss that or go there. You don't expect family to do that but hey ho.

The family war has now been sorted. It's been clear, all this viciousness is a result of a particular person who thought it was ok to do that. I had my sister and mother taken away from by lies. My children had their Grandmother and Aunt, Uncle and cousins taken away from them. That person responsible, possibly hadn't thought of the impact of their actions inflicted on other people.

People come and go in our lives yet there are those, who are so manipulative they will stop at nothing to hide their lies. I refuse to be treated like shit. I refuse to be fed bullshit. I refuse to listen to anymore tales of how crappy their lives are, which are their own doing. That's why they are no longer in my life now. It was such a relief to walk away from it all. I have enough to deal with in my own life.

I'm back in the studio today just playing, making beads.


Sunday, 22 May 2011

Rocky Horror Party

We only do this sort of thing on a weekend lol..only joking I wish! After receiving our invite to a Rocky Horror Show Party, great I thought then eek! What am I to wear? Doing a Kaye as per usual leaving things to the very last minute shopped in lots of Lingerie shops yesterday in the hope of finding a suitable outfit for the Party. Finally after two trips into town 'we' (husband and I) found our wears, wigs etc. While I adore the Rocky Horror Show, I'm self conscious of my voluptuous shape, so I found the whole shopping experience such a giggle.

Here is my husband and I, or should I say Magenta and Frank-n-Furter

We walked through the village, while drivers rubbernecked as they pasted haha! We made many folk smile on the way to the shindig! Thank you C & J for a fabulous evening. Perhaps next time it should be Super Hero's