Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sterling Silver and 9ct Gold Pink Topaz Twist Ring.

Recent make is this Sterling Silver with 9ct Gold twist detail with a Pink Topaz 5mm. Handcrafted gem setting which proved a little tricky since it's so small. I have a commission for something similar but with three gems.

Recent Publication The Dreamcatcher Collection

My lastest contribution for the Magazine. Designed for the magazine theme 'Tribal' I love Dreamcatchers, so I designed one that can be made to look woven. I've used Turquoise, Ray Skenes Lampwork Beads, Wood Beads and Sterling Silver beads.

This is featured in Making Jewellery Magazine issue 17. I made another one for myself and I will be selling this collection very soon.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

I've moved back in!

The last two days have been manic, well no I've been manic. I've varnished a great deal of workspace and sealed it. I can safely say that I suffered. I was in alot of pain last night after I finished. Today I've sorted out all my bits and bobs and set up my jewellers bench and my office section. I'm well and truly shattered. Got my sound system set up which is a must.

Time for Tesco's oh deep joy.

Adios Folks

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

I have to share I'm so excited..Triplemoonstar Studio Mark II

I feel very lucky to have this custom built Jewellers bench and workspace! I'm so excited to get settled in and play in my awesome new work space. It's my 40th Birthday pressie from my Husband and my Mum and Dad. Plus, some cash to get kitted out for my lampworking kit and kiln...spoilt or what? :-) I have the worlds most wonderful husband who spoils me rotten. THE best Mum and Dad who believe in me and have helped provide this opportunity for me to have this facility in our home.

I shall be smiling forever and a day, onwards and upwards.

OK so it's not quite finished. It's almost there

My bench skin slides out for easy access. The other work area will be where I will either teach or work with lampworking.

My bench skin is on a tray that slides underneath.

My studio..

I'm banished to the kitchen worktop today, my bench, my new work bench is almost finished it's amazing! The 'man' as Lucie calls him hehehe is fitting my leather skin, me thinks he will be swearing soon haha!

The rest of the studio will be fitted so I can use it for lampworking and teaching. I've decided to do some basic teaching on a one to one basis. Although my studio is average size I can fit another two bodies in along side me working together. This is soooo exciting!

I've to upload some more stock in my store today now I have dug out my external hard drive.



Monday, 14 June 2010

Almost there!

My studio is getting a re-fit tomorrow so I can start my lampworking journey and install my new torch and equipment thanks Hubby, Mum and Dad :-)

Been busy with craft fairs, projects for the magazine, charity work, study, and the bane of my life Fibromyalgia, always at the mercy of that dreaded condition. Still I'm a fighter and I don't give up very easily that's not to say I don't walk away from impossible situations because my energy is precious and I don't waste my time flogging a dead horse. Clear conscience and all that.

We've been so busy decorating our house and re-fitting it with built in wardrobes I love our home but hate all the upside down-ness of it all but we're getting there. Out with the old and in with the new. Quite cathartic actually and therapeutic. The house felt tainted with a stench of lies and betrayal. MFH, CPD, LBD have been fumigated. Surprising how one can fill up a skip with junk.

Two more projects to be published and one more in the pipeline then it will be time for our holidays. Then back to work and I will be working with a new Tutor soon. I'm coming to the end of my course now so I'm looking forward to a break. A well deserved break.

I feel really sad that Amanda lost her battle with Cancer :( I think of you everyday lovely lady and every time I see purple I'm reminded of you and your strength and great spirit. You will live on in our hearts and the colour of our lives. Such a beautiful person and you will remain so. RIP Amanda xxx

Life is unfair when this cruel disease takes away someone so wonderful, took her away from her children and her adoring husband. It makes you think what really is important in life. The ones that love you and look out for you all the rest can go to hell. I have wonderful friends who have been really supportive and have been there. I'm blessed with my husband and three children, and not forgetting my Mum and Dad you've all been my rock through every thing.

For Amanda and Family xxx