Friday, 27 August 2010

chugging along..

It appears I still have that spinney head thingie, deep joy..

Anyway, been busy working on new ideas and designs. I haven't spent much time at the torch but since Molten Glass and spinney head could result in an accident of major proportions then I think it was for the best..

Here are some of my new creations

A massive Turquoise Heart with Sterling Silver Hearts. This is available on my Folksy/Triplemoonstar shop

This is Queen Mauve Pendant. Jade, Amethyst, Rainbow Moonstone, Faceted Fluorite and Pearls. All hung on a 32inch chain this is available in my store.

These are my Faux Sea Glass Pebbles in Pinks.

More Faux Sea Glass Pebbles. These are all available in Kilo Lemur Lampwork shop of Folksy

My Skully Pendant in Sterling Silver. Check out my Kilo Lemur Lampwork store on folksy for handcrafted Jewellery using my own Lampwork Creations.

Twilight Apple Earrings
Vampire Fang with blood Earrings. Click on my Folksy Icon. There is another link on my profile to take you to Kilo Lemur Lampwork Shop.


  1. Absolutely loving the turquoise heart and the faux sea glass :)
    Hope you feel better soon hon x

  2. Thanks hon, :-) Hey I sold a piece of jewellery yesterday that had your beads on! x

  3. Congratulations for great work. I like that. Cheers.

  4. oooh cool, I am glad :) btw, hat penguin in the post above can't possibly be evil, far too cute :) x

  5. nooo the penguins aren't evil lol...x