Friday, 3 August 2012

Busy bee I be

I've been busy working in my new studio for a few months now. I love my space of creativity. Still it will be a while before I'm truly ready to teach, because I need to save up for two new torches and equipment for Silversmithing.

I work along side my husband and he's usually testing 'stuff' in the office as his work goes right over my head LOL! this is his website if you're interested.

The bane of my life Fibromyalgia has also been haunting me whilst I'm trying to work so I have taken time off to get better.

I have some nice new display cases for a few bits of my work, wanna see?

I have my eldest daughter who works along side me in the teaching area. She's doing Textiles and Home furnishing. The table to the right of the photo is her work space, it's currently a mess that's why I've kept it out of the picture hehe!

I will be working on my new designs in my Silver work in the next coming months. Lampworking however is so damn addictive. Who is willing to admit that they will almost lick glass rods because they are such delicious colours? Just me then? Yeah right.

I'm getting into Macramé I did lots of this at school when I was much younger. I love to combine lots of different media into Jewellery. I make my own Big Hole Beads (Pandora Style) and I cored them either by hand or I use my machine. I core them in Sterling Silver, Brass or Copper. I've never been asked to do Gold . Even when I was doing my Silversmithing courses I enjoyed using lots of colour in my work and I wanted to find out more about Lampworking. I have gone to the Flame Off at Towcester for the last three years. I thoroughly enjoy it. This year I was helping out Tuffnell Glass in the Play Tent where the inexperienced to advanced Lampies can learn and play with new tools or try out Glass.

Me! In the Play Tent.

My very good friend Kat at the Flame Off.

There is never enough hours in the day to allow me to play in the studio. Well that's it for now folks.