Sunday, 22 May 2011

Rocky Horror Party

We only do this sort of thing on a weekend lol..only joking I wish! After receiving our invite to a Rocky Horror Show Party, great I thought then eek! What am I to wear? Doing a Kaye as per usual leaving things to the very last minute shopped in lots of Lingerie shops yesterday in the hope of finding a suitable outfit for the Party. Finally after two trips into town 'we' (husband and I) found our wears, wigs etc. While I adore the Rocky Horror Show, I'm self conscious of my voluptuous shape, so I found the whole shopping experience such a giggle.

Here is my husband and I, or should I say Magenta and Frank-n-Furter

We walked through the village, while drivers rubbernecked as they pasted haha! We made many folk smile on the way to the shindig! Thank you C & J for a fabulous evening. Perhaps next time it should be Super Hero's

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Copper Cored Pandora Beads.

Ahh it's that time again, lots of craft fairs and local sales coming up..I've worn myself again working like a machine. I've been coring Pandora or Big Hole Beads in Copper. I think they look fantastic. The copper doesn't touch the skin but will eventually oxidise into a warm coppery hue. I love the contrast against the Sterling silver.

Persian Jewels Pandora Beads - available in my Folksy Store from £6
I've been trying out fabulous new glass. Canyon De Chelly is difficult but once you get the hang of it and how to handle the glass it's super cool!

Canyon de chelly cored in Copper.

Pretty Copper Green Glass and Red Copper Green

Copper Green Glass, Moss Agate, Canyon De Chelly and Red Copper Green
I'm still learning with the double helix so here is some purples with some Psyche DH

I have hundreds more photos so if you'd like to see more join me at

Laters - Kaye

Friday, 6 May 2011

The Winner is?! ....

Winner is Janis Smith. Well done please let me know if you wish to recieve the earrings or the beads. x