Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Mojo has returned to me

My mojo has been away for a very long time. My creative side has been void for about 8 months. Now, life is on the up. Finally the studio is going to be built in the next few weeks. Perfect!

I'm starting to see the beauty in the world again in my surroundings. I have some wonderful supportive friends who I adore. I'm inspired by the world around me and it's all coming back.

Thanks to an ex friend who by her actions and lies made me realise that I don't need that sort of friend in my life. A taker. Friendship is a two way thing, not one way. Still you live and learn.

Sometimes it feels like I'm dreaming, because a year ago I never thought I'd be this happy. I never thought it could be resolved. I never thought my life would become enriched with love.

Life is damn excellent

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