Friday, 7 May 2010

Time to blog..

It's been a while since I last blogged! Ye Gods this sounds like a isn't honest :-)

After the last Fibro flare up I am now in another one just a few days after the long one. However I shall not be beaten by Fibro I LAUGH in your face Fibro *take that* Ha haaaaar

It's my daughters 15th birthday today, I made her a ring. Heart of Gold ring, Sterling Silver and 18ct Gold Heart, stamped inside 'of Gold' and her birth date 7th May. She loves it!

And, I've just figured out how to upload photographs. I have lots to upload :-)

Soon, I'll have my studio re-vamped so I can start working with Glass and make my own beadies! I can't wait! I've decided I'm going to start with a hothead, lots of people make stunning beads with a hothead and after all I'm a beginner.

Even though I've had a little go at making beads or should I say slightly odd shaped blobs lol! The set up I was using was not ideal but it was such fun.

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