Friday, 16 April 2010

Flame off!

Getting all my things ready for the Flame off tomorrow to meet some of my new buddies there! Ceri and Fay coming along for the ride too. Tomorrow I shall try not to set anyone on fire but I will have a play hopefully!

I'm leaving my credit card at home too! Very dangerous thingie to have with me while visiting other creative people and their wares arggh!!!!!! Although my bank will rub their hands with glee..

Projects for the magazine nearly finished I'm kinda pooped. I think a cuddle with my hubby and we shall settle down for a Vampire Diaries festie

A big shout to Emily Skull and Crossbuns for blogging my work and for me finding this blog today I know you had more questions than question time but I prefer this blog to the other one I had. Although I'm still trying to fathom it out LOL

I will be working on more beaded jewels soon once I get my committments finished with.

Adios folks



  1. You're more than welcome! Have fun tomorrow :-D

  2. Oh we had a fabulous time! It was great :-)