Thursday, 22 April 2010

Fibromyalgia and daily doings

It's taken over my life at present. In mid flow of a flare up. Monosodium Glutamate seems to be one of my triggers so I will have to scour food contents for this ingredient, it seems to aggravate my illness ten fold!

So, back to my Rheumatologist and referal to the pain clinic I shall go. The new painkillers have worked wonders today though, going from a pain level off the scale to a 2!

My work for the magazine is slowly coming but I am at the mercy of my body and this rotten illness.

My amazon ordered arrived today so while I'm taking it easy I can read my new books so it's not all bad. Plus I can indulge in my lampworking books too :-)

After the Flame off it has been decided that my next hobby shall be indeed working with Glass and making Lampwork Beads. Thankfully I've managed to persuade a good buddy of mine to do some basics with me in return for some silver work tuition from me great trade me thinks. I need to have a decent play before I shell out on some cash for all the equipment that I'll need. Already talked with the hubby about the redesign of my studio so it seems I can easily fit in both, Lampworking and Silversmithing in one area! With the full backing of my husband and family.

Right, time to go and rest now

Adios folks


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