Wednesday, 16 June 2010

I have to share I'm so excited..Triplemoonstar Studio Mark II

I feel very lucky to have this custom built Jewellers bench and workspace! I'm so excited to get settled in and play in my awesome new work space. It's my 40th Birthday pressie from my Husband and my Mum and Dad. Plus, some cash to get kitted out for my lampworking kit and kiln...spoilt or what? :-) I have the worlds most wonderful husband who spoils me rotten. THE best Mum and Dad who believe in me and have helped provide this opportunity for me to have this facility in our home.

I shall be smiling forever and a day, onwards and upwards.

OK so it's not quite finished. It's almost there

My bench skin slides out for easy access. The other work area will be where I will either teach or work with lampworking.

My bench skin is on a tray that slides underneath.